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Reza Abdoh, Dar A LuzThe Bogeyman Trilogy, Part 3 – The Law of Remains


About The Show

"The Law of Remains intertwined the sadism of Jeffrey Dahmer and the vacant exhibitionalism of Andy Warhol in what may have been Abdoh’s most savage performance.” - Daniel Mufson.

Each Monday at MLA 2014, films of these original productions shot and editied by Adam Soch Williams will be screened and followed by a discussion with select former Dar A Luz company members and collaborators.

Ensemble: Juliana Francis-Kelly, Peter Jacobs, Tom Pearl, Tony Torn, Sabrina Artel, Anita Durst, Brenden Doyle, Kahryn Walsh, Ariel Herrera, Carlos Rodriguez, Veronica Pawlowska, Priscilla Holbrook, James McClaughlin and Raphael Pimental. Video taped and edited by Adam Soch Williams.

Three of his seminal works comprise his Bogeyman Trilogy; The Hip-hop Waltz of Eurydice (Los Angeles Theatre Center 1990), Bogeyman (Los Angeles Theatre Center,1992) The Law Of Remains (The Hotel Diplomat, NYC, 1993). Video tapes of these original productions shot and editied by Adam Soch Williams will be presented at Mass Live Arts in July of 2014. Each screening will be followed by a discussion with select former Abdoh company members and collaborators.

About Reza Abdoh, Dar A Luz

Reza Abdoh (1963-1995) was an Iranian-born American director and playwright known for his large-scale, experimental theatrical productions. He was a prolific artist in his short creative life. He died of AIDS in 1995 at the age of 32 having created an impressive body of stage spectacles known for their sensory overload, ferocious energy and hallucinatory dreamscapes. These often site-specific theatre pieces were, in the words of Abdoh's New York Times obituary, "phantasmagoric nightmares that used multi-media techniques and raw bombard the senses." Abdoh has been hailed as a theatrical visionary, shaman and genius. With his company Dar A Luz, formed in 1991, Abdoh created plays that have made a major impact on American experimental theatre.