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Anne Gridley draws things. In the spring of 2012, Gridley began exploring the process of blind contour drawing. She focuses solely on the subject until the drawing is complete, instead of constantly shifting focus between the subject and the paper. The result is a strange and sketchy line drawing, rather than an exact reproduction of the subject. Anne finds this process liberating as her own judgments of “good” or “bad” are withheld until the picture is complete. She is looking forward to creating a unique series of drawings for Mass Live Arts, which will be displayed in the gallery throughout the week.

About Anne Gridley

Anne Gridley is a two time Obie award-winning actor, dramaturg, and artist. As a founding member of Nature Theater of Oklahoma, she has co-created and performed in critically acclaimed works including Life & Times, Poetics: A Ballet Brut, No Dice, and Romeo & Juliet. In addition to her work with Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Gridley has performed with Jerôme Bel, served as a Dramaturg for the Wooster Group’s production Who’s Your Dada?, and taught devised theater at Bard College. This marks Anne’s second show as a portrait artist, her first being at H.A.U. in Berlin (June 2013). B.A. Bard College; M.F.A. Columbia University.