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Join us for the opening reception July 8th at 7pm!

Acting Stranger by Andrew Schneider (designer/performer) is the evolving document of an ongoing project exploring intimacy, relationship, and experience between strangers. Schneider writes short scenes - no exposition, no inciting incident, no denouement - then advertises a need for participants via craigslist. Schneider and the stranger enact the short scenes in public. They do not meet, discuss, or experience each other outside the context of the scene. The experience is video documented and uploaded to the web site.


01. Memorize the script VERBATIM.
02. Show up on time.
03. Show up 15 minutes early if the scene takes place in a mass-transit venue.
04. The scene starts when you see me. the camera will be rolling. I will be standing in front of the camera.
05. Say your first line, or wait for me to say mine.
06. We will only meet as the characters.
07. There is only one take.
08. There is no messing up.
09. Keep going.
10. The scene ends when the camera is turned off.
11. We will not introduce ourselves in real life.
12. You agree to have your likeness videotaped and published on-line.

About Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider is a performer and interactive-electronics artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He was a company member of The Wooster Group (performer/video) from 2007-2014. His solo performance work has been seen at PS122, the Chocolate Factory, River to River festival, and The Prelude Festival, among others. He also creates wearable interactive devices (such as the Solar Bikini - a bikini that charges your smart phone) which have been featured in Wired, TimeOutNY, Make, Art Review, Sony Tech Wonder Labs, and at the Center Pompidou in Paris. He is a 2014 Tom Murrin Performance Award winner and currently being commissioned by PS122 for a new work in 2015. Andrew Holds a Masters Degree in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU. More at